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Obtaining a position as a temporary employee through an employment agency or a temporary agency can be an entirely different experience from a permanent employee. Unless you are going to be working “temp-to-perm”, (hired as a temporary employee on a trial basis with the intention of being hired on full time), you will be performing a job that will have an end date. Temporary work offers workers flexibility; it offers an opportunity to try out new careers. You have the chance of being hired by companies who may not have taken a risk otherwise. If you have the opportunity to become a temporary employee and want to make the most of the opportunity, here are the top four things that employers look for in temporary employees.

Punctuality and Reliability

Be punctual and reliable. Many temporary employees work to help during “crunch time”, such as seasonal, during the holidays, during year end, or on a project basis. Being on time shows that you are professional and ready to work and if employers consider taking someone on full time they will always look at punctual and reliable temporary workers.


Temporary workers may change assignments regularly. They are able to transition between tasks and companies. This can be a great attribute that can be invaluable to employers. Flexibility can help manage the stress of a new workplace better than those that are not used to change. That makes it easier when transitioning to different working environments and people. The more flexible you are with the work you perform, and the hours you work, the more opportunities you will have.


Temporary employees need to be enthusiastic. Many temporary workers come in during difficult periods when there is a lot of work, and there is a crunch! Being enthusiastic about the work will help the entire team, both temporary workers and permanent staff. Your positivity is contagious and will go a long way in keeping everyone’s spirits up. Remember, you choose your attitude every morning when you get out of bed. Why not choose enthusiasm; its contagious.

Great Communicator

Temporary workers will move between companies, all of which have unique communication styles and different ways of doing things. Your ability to get your message across concisely is key to being a successful temporary employee. Being a great communicator also applies to notifying the temp agency of your availability, which is what keeps you working!

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