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Some people are unhappy with their jobs and can’t wait to reach retirement age. There are others that are not unhappy but are also not the ones that can jump out of bed in the morning ready for work. Then there is another group of people that for some reason are always filled with joy and happiness. What is it about them? Why are they seemingly happy all the time while some spend virtually a third of their life at a job that they have no connection with?
When you delve a bit deeper, these are likely the same people that didn’t do well in school, were not happy living at home and couldn’t wait to get out of either. When we look at these people, they always think that the next thing is what will make them happy and miss the entire joy of life waiting for that right event or person to appear that will make the difference. The problem is, that they have already made up their mind that happiness is a fleeting moment in time and no one is truly happy. And, guess what, they are right, because that is the life experience they have built up an point to as proof that happiness is fleeting. Even when things go seemingly right, their mindset has already determined that this cannot last. So even if they experience a moment’s happiness, they are already dreading the fact it will not last. Thus, even that moment of happiness will not be fully experienced. When you finally find the right person to spend your life with, you will soon think there is something wrong with that person, because you know that you are flawed, and if they can’t see that, there is something flawed in them.
Most likely those are the same people that think their life is going to change once they start school. Pretty soon it’s, their life will surely change when they get to high school and/or university. The next thing they look at is, “Wait till I get out of school and start working, then things are really going to be better”. How about, “Once I move on my own, things will be better”. Unfortunately, none of these things turned your life around for more than a couple of weeks. What can possibly be next? How about, getting married? Not it? What about having children? Not it? Maybe a divorce will fix everything. At the end of all this you are approaching retirement and your life has been a meaningless disaster thus far. No wonder people want to cling on to life. They haven’t accomplished anything yet. The problem is, they never will. It will always be in the future.
You may ask yourself and find yourself wondering, how is it that some people seem to get everything they want and here I am, failing at everything. The answer is attitude. Those in the working world who are genuinely happy, wake up that way. They choose to be that way. They don’t walk through life wondering what’s wrong. They look to see what is right. When I look into the world, I don’t look at how many shootings there have been or how many molestations or crashed planes. I am aware of these things but it is not my focus. My focus is on the millions that get up every day and show up where they are supposed to and I marvel at that. I look at all the humanitarian agencies there are that do very good work for those that need those services, and they do it for very little money and thanks. Even more so are the volunteers that provide relentless hours in the service of others, without any remuneration, other than the satisfaction of making a difference in someone’s life. If you need to have heroes in life, they are the ones. I look at how many people there are that walk the streets safely every night.
I see the planet as a healthy and vibrant place to experience being human; it is a privilege to participate in humanness. So, when I go to work in the mornings, I know that I chose to be there. It is the role I chose for that day and I’m going to play it to the best of my ability. Just like an actor that nails his role and gains satisfaction, that’s what I signed up for too. The secret in life stems from the inside and flows outward (Express) and we have it totally reversed by thinking that things flow from outside inward (Impress). So, we go around trying to impress people in order to acknowledge us. Surely that will give us self esteem. We expect others to make us happy. We place all these expectations on others and wonder why they don’t make us happy. When you learn to express, that is show the world your happiness and pure joy, your entire life will change. In order to do that, you have to start with brining your happiness to everything you do. People want to be around people that are happy, not those that are depressed or energy draining.
The first step to developing inner happiness and joy, is to start liking yourself. Unless you are happy with yourself, love yourself, how can you possibly expect others to make you that way? It has become quite evident that some people simply don’t like themselves. They think they are not good looking, they are too fat, too thin, too short, too tall, angry, short tempered, too rich, too poor, and there are other things you can think of that you don’t like about yourself. Lonely people tend to be lonely because they don’t like their own company. If that’s the case, why would they think that other people want to spend time with them? So, they have no friends because they push them away one way or another.
So, why am I saying all these things on a career site? The whole point of this is to say, look to yourself if you are unhappy with your job or surroundings. Are you expecting your work or co-workers to make the difference in your life? Do you think that no one likes you, so the chances of getting employment are slim? Before considering work, make it a priority to change your attitude. There are places you can get help with that, and, it really is as easy as making the decision to bring your satisfaction and joy to everything you do.
Life is incredibly simple when you really think about it. You can really have what you want, or you can have all the excuses or reasons why you didn’t. Personally, I want what I have. I didn’t want the reasons or excuses why I don’t have everything I want.

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