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Industrial & Manufacturing

Several industrial and manufacturing units require skilled and experienced staff to supervise the line of operations. However, finding such talent is getting more difficult with each passing day.


Currently, the Greater Toronto Area is seeing the lowest unemployment rates. This makes it even more difficult to get qualified staff onboard your team.


However, when you work with us at Career1, finding the right talent gets easier and hassle-free. We interact with 100s of candidates who are willing to provide their expertise in industrial and manufacturing units for the right employee benefits.


With us, you can rest assured that your team will always have skilled and qualified employees who will boost productivity and growth.


What Benefits do You Get with us Career1?

Being in the recruitment industry for more than a decade, we know that several companies are sceptical about working with staffing agencies. However, when you work with us, you won’t be disappointed!


We offer you the following benefits.

  • Finding the right talent needs time and effort. Our staffing team works 24 hours, 7 days a week to find the right talent for your organization.
  • You get access to passive candidates through us. Although these candidates aren’t looking for a job, they will switch when provided with good employee benefits.
  • Being GMP and WHIMS-trained gives our staff an extra edge over other recruiting agencies in the region.
  • We also work during short notice or harsh weather conditions. In such a case, we use Uber services to ensure speedy delivery of our recruitment services.
  • All our services are offered at competitive prices. We are sure it will fit in your company budget.


With us, you can rest assured of your hiring requirements.

Our Services

Temporary Hires:

Any industrial and manufacturing might need temporary workers who are experienced and skilled to provide their services on short-term projects.


We can help you with hiring temporary employees who will work on short-term contracts. They will be equally skilled, qualified, and experienced as long-term employees. However, for temporary hires, you will have the flexibility to cancel the contract at your convenience.


During their short-term tenure at your organization, you don’t need to worry about payroll services, health insurance, retirement benefits, and vacation pay. We at Career1 will take care of it all!

Permanent Hires:

For your industrial and manufacturing units, you might need to fill some permanent positions such as project supervisors, project managers, operations managers, and more.


For such permanent positions, we can help you find the right talent. Our large candidate database has several such qualified job seekers who will efficiently fulfill the responsibilities at your organization. We also scrutinize candidates based on your company culture, goals, and values. This ensures that you can build a solid team that is dependable and delivers results.

Executive Recruitment:

Sometimes you might need personalized recruitment for certain high-profile positions at your organization. You would want someone who understands company culture, goals, vision and work ethics.


Hence, you require executive recruitment services offered by us at Career1. Our recruiting staff will work alongside your team to understand your unique requirements. This will allow us to create a distinctive recruitment profile and find the best candidates for you.

Recrutement sur place :

Need to hire several candidates for multiple roles in your company? We have got your back!


At Career1, we provide on-site recruitment services and hire multiple candidates for the said positions. With our large network of candidates, we can quickly fill positions at your organization.


Get in touch with us to know more about our services.

Alors, quelle est votre spécialité ? Nous avons une solution de recrutement pour elle.

Vous serez peut-être surpris par ce que nous pouvons faire !


Accès aux candidats passifs

Nous avons accès à un vivier de talents qui ne cherchent pas activement à changer de carrière, mais qui sont ouverts à la mobilité si celle-ci leur convient et qui sont engagés dans notre agence.y.


Experts en information commerciale

Nous pouvons vous aider à établir des repères salariaux.etet vous montrer où se trouvent les pénuries de compétences ou les candidats excédentaires et comment cela peut avoir un impact sur vos efforts de recrutement.


Réduction des coûts de recrutement, d'intégration et de formation

Nous vous rendons un temps précieux. Saviez-vous que le coût moyen du recrutement de talents est de 5 600,00 $ par hire ? C'est consommé par la recherche, la sélection et les entretiens.

Notre approche

Nous avons continuellement affiné notre approche pour aider les demandeurs d'emploi et les employeurs tout au long de nos plus de 15 années de services dequalité . Aujourd'hui, notre approche a fait ses preuves et est fiable.

Qu'est-ce qu'une agence de recrutement ?

Notre activité est entièrement axée sur le placement de candidats de qualité auprès d'employeurs ayant besoin de main-d'œuvre. Vous voulez en savoir plus ?

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