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2023 Salary Guide


Do you want to know how much you will earn or pay for an entry-level, intermediate, or executive job in any industry? As a job seeker or an employer, knowing these numbers can be a game changer and help you bring the right candidate or job role. 

Career1 2023 Salary Guide gives you a closer look at the current salaries for different job roles in different industries in Canada. The salary guide has been prepared with inputs from employers, workers, and executive recruiters in Canada. 

Career1 2023 Salary Guide brings you real numbers with real insights helping you better prepare for a job interview as a job seeker or an employer.  Just fill out the form and learn how much you should earn or pay for a job role.

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Career1 2023 Salary Guide: Why Should You Use It?

Get a deep dive into the starting salaries asked by top candidates in a wide range of industries. From accounting, finance, and human resources, to marketing, general labour, and more, get starting salaries for 15 industrial sectors.


Get a closer look at the changing hiring landscape of 2023. Learn better ways to hire top talent for your company with the right monetary compensation. Learn about the skills most employers are looking for in top talent.


Learn more about the changing expectations of workers regarding work options. Learn how to implement flexible work options for workers to boost productivity and growth.

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Your industry, your guide

Career1 2023 Salary Guide offers insights into 15 industrial sectors and Mississauga jobs full time or part-time, offered at all levels, from entry-level to executive roles. You can find numbers for local and national salaries for different job roles. Here are a few industrial sectors you can find:
These are just a few industrial sectors to get information about in Career1 2023 Salary Guide. You can look out for other industrial sectors on our home page.  To know more about current job offers or the pool of talent available to you, get in touch with our team of job recruiters in Toronto now.
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