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If you are in the transportation industry, you must know that having the right candidates on your team is extremely crucial. This is because you cannot trust everyone when it comes to transportation. So, you need to hire candidates that are completely reliable. If finding such candidates is a tough task for you, get in touch with us at Career1.

We have a team of highly efficient recruiters who understand the process of choosing the right candidates for transportation businesses. So, we can screen the candidates and can help you choose the best one who would be perfect according to the requirements of your organization. We have a large database of candidates who may be interested in the position and can help you connect with them without wasting a lot of time.

Perks of Choosing Career1:

  • Working with a reputable company like Career1 can be a great experience. Check out the perks of working with us.
  • If you require staffing solutions in areas such as Toronto, Brampton, etc., in Canada, you can rely on Career1 because we offer services in all such locations. So, no matter where your business is situated, we can easily connect you with the right candidate for any vacant position in your company.
  • Sometimes, we are also able to fill a vacancy in just a few hours. This service is available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. So, we can help in filling a position in the shortest time possible for your business.
  • For recruiting the right candidates, we take help from seasoned professionals who have been in the recruiting business for various years. The team of recruiters working with Career1 is dedicated to finding the right candidate every time. 
  • Staff members working with us at Career1 are WHIMS and GMP trained. So, you can trust them at all times without any issues.
  • You can reduce the payroll costs at your business while maintaining productivity when you work with us at Career1. We can help you find the right candidates with the utmost efficiency.

Our Services:

Location temporaire ou contrat de location :

The team of Career1 can help you find transport professionals for temporary positions also.

Embauche permanente :

To find the right candidate for a permanent transport position, you need to keep a lot of things in mind. The team of Career1 can easily lessen your burden by finding the right candidate for the position.

Recherche de cadres :

To find the right candidate every time, the team members of Career1 will work with you to create a unique profile based on the needs that you have and the skill set that you are looking for in the candidate for the transportation role.

Recrutement sur place :

If you have several vacancies in your transportation business, we can help you in finding the perfect candidates for all those positions.

Services de paie :

If you do not wish to bring the candidate to your payroll, we can help you with payroll services with the help of our account specialist.

Connect with us to know more about our services!

Alors, quelle est votre spécialité ? Nous avons une solution de recrutement pour elle.

Vous serez peut-être surpris par ce que nous pouvons faire !


Accès aux candidats passifs

Nous avons accès à un vivier de talents qui ne cherchent pas activement à changer de carrière, mais qui sont ouverts à la mobilité si celle-ci leur convient et qui sont engagés dans notre agence.y.


Experts en information commerciale

Nous pouvons vous aider à établir des repères salariaux.etet vous montrer où se trouvent les pénuries de compétences ou les candidats excédentaires et comment cela peut avoir un impact sur vos efforts de recrutement.


Réduction des coûts de recrutement, d'intégration et de formation

Nous vous rendons un temps précieux. Saviez-vous que le coût moyen du recrutement de talents est de 5 600,00 $ par hire ? C'est consommé par la recherche, la sélection et les entretiens.

Notre approche

Nous avons continuellement affiné notre approche pour aider les demandeurs d'emploi et les employeurs tout au long de nos plus de 15 années de services dequalité . Aujourd'hui, notre approche a fait ses preuves et est fiable.

Qu'est-ce qu'une agence de recrutement ?

Notre activité est entièrement axée sur le placement de candidats de qualité auprès d'employeurs ayant besoin de main-d'œuvre. Vous voulez en savoir plus ?

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