Recruitment for Healthcare & Science Professionals

Healthcare & Science

In the past few years, healthcare & science have seen a massive increase in job opportunities. However, finding the right talent for this industry is difficult. After all, healthcare & science is a delicate industry and needs experienced and qualified candidates.


But finding a healthcare or science professional who can be trusted and deliver the targets can become time-consuming. In such a case, we at Career1 can assist you and provide hassle-free hiring of healthcare & science professionals for your organization.

Why Work with Us at Career1?

As a client, we know you might be concerned with how a recruiting agency like us at Career1 can help you in finding the right talent. Here’s how.

  • Our staff is GMP and WHIMS-trained ensuring you get high-quality hiring services.
  • We work 24 hours, 7 days a week. This ensures that we deliver our targets well before time.
  • All our services are offered at competitive rates. This makes sure that our expert recruiting services are within your budget.
  • Not only recruitment, but we also take of payroll services for new hires, especially temporary hires.
  • With us, you get access to several passive candidates who are qualified and will switch if given the right employee benefits.

Our Services

At Career1, we understand the need for certified and experienced employees for any organization. Hence, we provide different types of hiring services to ensure we fulfill all our client’s requirements. 

Temporary Hires:

Healthcare & Science organizations need to perform a lot of paperwork, for example, patient records, insurance records, and more. There are several times in a year when you might need more staff to handle different tasks.


To cover such times, we can help you find temporary hires. Our pool of candidates is experienced and qualified to perform various tasks in the healthcare & science industry. Moreover, with the temporary hires, we cover payroll services, vacation pay, health insurance, and retirement benefits. Our clients can terminate employment contracts as per their requirements.

Permanent Hires:

If you are eager to fill some permanent positions at your organization, we at Career1 can certainly help you. We can find candidates to fill these positions quickly offering you a seamless hiring experience.


For permanent hires, we perform initial screening, background verification, and initial onboarding to reduce your workload. Our seasoned recruiters will help find the right candidates who can effectively fit in your organization and adopt the company culture to boost your growth and productivity.

Executive Recruitment:

Personalized recruitment is critical to finding the right talent and filling the position effectively. Hence, at Career1, we are determined to provide executive recruitment that fulfills specific employer needs.


Our team of staff will collaborate with you and understand your hiring needs. We will learn everything about the job profile, create a personalized listing and bring qualified candidates for your organization.

On-Site Recruitment:

Mass recruitment might be a need for your organization. In such a situation, conducting mass interviews and screening processes can become tiring and monotonous. But with Career1 by your side, you can create a hassle-free experience.


Our on-site recruitment service includes providing you with a team of executive recruiters who will conduct mass recruitment for your organization. We will also bring our curated database for finding talented candidates.


Career1 makes hiring easy with expert recruitment guidance. Contact us now to know more.

So, what’s your specialty? We’ve got a staffing solution for it.

You may be surprised by what we can do!


Access to Passive Candidates

We have access to a talent pool that are not actively looking to make a career change, but are open to moving for the right fit and engaged with our agency.


Market Intelligence Experts

We can assist you in salary bench-marking and show you where there are skill-shortages or surplus candidates and how this can impact your recruitment efforts.


Cost Reduction of Recruitment, On-boarding and Training

We give you back valuable time. Did you know the average cost of hiring talent is $5,600.00 per hire? That’s consumed up by sourcing, screening, and interviewing.

Our Approach

We’ve continually refined our approach to helping both job seekers and employers throughout our 15+ years of providing quality services. Now, our approach is time-tested and reliable.

What is a Staffing Agency?

Our business is entirely focused on placing quality candidates with employers needing labor. Want to learn more?

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