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Contract Talent Solutions

Contract workers can surely help you take your business to the heights you truly want. You will not have to waste a lot of time finding permanent employees when you go for contract workers. Here at Career1 can assist you in finding the best ones that would be the perfect option for your organization.

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Why let us find contract workers?


The best part about choosing contract workers is that the entire hiring process becomes quite flexible. You can find new employees quickly, and your time is also saved. During the peak months of your business, you can bring in such contract workers to manage the work efficiently. You will not have to pay them when the workload is not as much, and you can get their help in peak times easily.


Contract workers would have more experience than permanent employees as they would have worked with different organizations. They can start working efficiently and become productive members because of this experience. If you require them just for a specific skill, you can start getting the work done, even if they do not have any other skills. If you hire a permanent employee without the right experience, the results may not be as great. However, with a contract worker, you can efficiently get the best results as you will hire them for the short-term, but they will have the right skills.


When you go for permanent staff members, the cost of hiring will also increase. Contract workers may have a higher salary than regular staff. But you may not have to provide them with employee benefits. Your regular staff members may get various benefits such as medical benefits, sick pay, vacation time, and much more. They will also need to take care of their taxes and insurance. So, if you require an employee for a specific skill set, you will not have to bear the cost of onboarding and training.

Why let us find contract workers?



The team of Career1 is committed to finding the most premium quality professionals that can cater to your everyday requirements and help grow your project. They ensure that the employer they suggest is the right fit for your organization and will help recruit them specifically for the particular task. Our team will monitor them to ensure they work perfectly for your organization.

Perfect Fit

We will not just find an employee with experience for the task. Instead, we will check whether they have the right skill set, experience, and mindset for the job or not. They should be the right fit for your department and company culture too. They should be available for the time that you want to hire them. We will take care of all this while finding the right candidate for you.

Solving Staffing Problems

Organizations face staffing problems because they do not have access to a large talent pool. But when you work with us at Career1, this issue will be solved. We can source the right talent for you based on your expectations. You will not have to spend a lot of time training them when they will work with you on a contractual basis. They will complete the project in a limited time with utmost efficiency and effectiveness.

Complete Staffing Solutions

With our highly professional staffing experts by your side, the entire process will become much easier for you. We will help with every aspect of staffing and provide complete solutions for every industry. So, whether you require an employee for the legal, finance, or marketing field, we will give you the best option.
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Industrial & Warehouse

For all of your industrial & warehouse staffing requirements in Mississauga, Brampton & across Canada, think of Career1 as your go-to choice for an employment agency. We provide a complete range of recruiting services as the top employment agency, from industrial and warehouse staffing. We locate qualified and trustworthy industrial workers on your account so you can concentrate on the more crucial tasks at hand.

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