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 We know how difficult, time and resource consuming it can be to manage screening, interviewing, conducting reference checks and on-boarding new hires.  Moreover, GTA is seeing some of the lowest unemployment rates in history and finding top talent has proven difficult for many top tier companies. 

           On a weekly basis our recruiters meet with an average of 100 candidates on a weekly basis, consistently building our talent pool. They come to us because we have a solid reputation. You can rest assured that your company is being matched with talent possessing the relevant skills and aptitude to perform their day-to-day tasks with as little disruption to your operating standards as possible.



  • Reduce payroll costs while maintaining productivity while finding the right manpower
  • Competitive rates
  • Team of dedicated recruiters
  • WHIMS and GMP trained staff
  • Use of Uber on short notices and inclement weather

With a variety of roles available, we are able to fill a vacancy in as little as hours. This type of service is available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Being one of the most reliable recruitment agencies in Canada, we provide several dependable staffing solutions in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton and several other locations in Canada. Get in touch with us today to know more about our services.

You may be surprised by what we can do!


Access to Passive Candidates

We have access to a talent pool that are not actively looking to make a career change, but are open to moving for the right fit and engaged with our agency.


Market Intelligence Experts

We can assist you in salary bench-marking and show you where there are skill-shortages or surplus candidates and how this can impact your recruitment efforts.


Cost Reduction of Recruitment, On-boarding and Training

We give you back valuable time. Did you know the average cost of hiring talent is $5,600.00 per hire? That’s consumed up by sourcing, screening, and interviewing.


Assist with Maintaining Ideal Staffing Levels

Reduce payroll while maintaining productivity since you won’t be paying for additional permanent employees when you don’t need them during periods of budget cuts, production slowdowns or reorganization. We can assist with finding the right manpower balance.


Payroll Reduction Costs

We cover employees ’WSIB and provide them with vacation pay, retirement security, and health insurance. Using a temporary labor force may save on overtime pay when short-staffed.


Access to a Large Talent Pool:

We maintain relationships with job seekers that have already been identified as dependable, reliable and conscientious. This deep talent pool is available to you. With a variety of roles available, we are able to fill a vacancy in as little as hours. This type of service is available to you 7 days a week and 24 hours per day.

Temporary Hire or Contract to Hire:

Hiring professional contract or contract-to-hire staff on short term, and on our payroll, gives our clients the benefits of assessing the skills and suitability of candidates for being a great long term fit with your team and work environment. Career1 provides this option to our clients so they can hire our employees full time after completion of the contract.

We fill staffing needs whether seasonal, cyclical or project-driven by reducing the turnaround time and minimizing the hiring costs. We help our clients build a flexible and suitable work force with the skill set required when they need them.

By using our temporary hires, our clients get the skill set they need without the commitment to hire them or not. It gives them flexibility to be billed only for hours worked and contracts can be terminated on project/assignment completion.

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Permanent Hire:

Career1 can help you fill a permanent position with our professional team of recruiters who use their experience and tools to connect with a database of qualified candidates. It’s very important that the candidates selected for permanent hiring have the right skills and experience for the role and that they fit easily into the client’s culture. In today’s competitive job market, screening and finding the right candidate can be an uphill task. Career1 makes sure that that the recruiting process is handled by our seasoned recruiters with the knowledge to identify the right fit for the job.

Executive Search:

t Career1, our Account Managers work side-by-side with you to build your unique profile, learn your company culture and learn about the relevant skills you require. We work hard to ensure that we are up to date on any new developments. Our recruiting team works diligently to attract, prescreen, interview face-to-face, conduct reference verification and even background checks (where applicable) on our talent.

Our seamless recruitment process saves our valuable clients time and cost.

We use expert services from a select network of professional HR partners to cover more specialized HR support requirements for compensation, benefits, specific organizational development projects, performance management, HR technology systems, corporate governance and more.

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On-Site Recruitment:

Career1 offers complete on-site recruiting services to our high volume clients with greater staffing needs.

Our services help our clients quickly hire a large amount of employees.

Our on-site hiring specialists create job postings and screen new candidates, as well use our extensive and broad network of existing candidates to fill the roles quickly in order to minimize the daily turnover with day to day HR management.

Payroll Services:

Career1 offers payroll services to clients who for various reasons cannot bring the employees to their own payroll and want payroll duties along with administration performed in a timely and accurate fashion.

Employment law and government policy change frequently, and payroll managers need to know every change. Our reliable accounting specialists offer weekly payroll, deducting, reporting government remittances and taxes, issuing T4 slips and employment records. Our services help our clients of all sizes reduce the payroll and administrative costs in a wide range of industries.

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So, what’s your specialty? We’ve got a staffing solution for it.

Our Approach

We’ve continually refined our approach to helping both job seekers and employers throughout our 15+ years of providing quality services. Now, our approach is time-tested and reliable.

What is a Staffing Agency?

Our business is entirely focused on placing quality candidates with employers needing labor. Want to learn more?

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