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Career1 has always been passionate about assisting people with potential skills to find a job and create a sustainable life for themselves in Canada.

However, our services are not just limited to people in Canada. Instead, we extend our services to developing countries in association with the Umar Foundation.

Working closely with the Umar Foundation, we ensure the underprivileged also get the same level of opportunities to create a fulfilling and sustainable life for themselves.

We at Career1 believe in the mission and vision of the Umar Foundation, making it a great fit to extend our services. 

Here’s how we collaborate with the foundation to fulfill our corporate social responsibility.

Education For All​

At Career1, we believe the right education can help you get your foot in the door. Moreover, we strongly emphasize that education for all, irrespective of gender and financial status, can be a game changer for the world.
Hence, we collaborate with the Umar Foundation and provide our services during their educational workshops and initiatives. We dive deep into these educational initiatives and provide them access to the digital world, helping children adapt to the changing world.
Our collaboration with the Umar Foundation contributes to the foundation’s efforts to provide children with a chance to thrive and create a mark in the world.

Health For All

“Health is wealth!”

An age-old saying that at Career1, we firmly believe in and emphasize. However, we are also aware that millions of people around the world don’t have access to efficient medical services. Hence, we work closely with the Umar Foundation to bring access to professional and effective medical services. With different medical initiatives of the Umar Foundation, our Career1 team contributes to bringing efficient medical resources and consultation to underprivileged families. 

Widows and Orphans

For years, the Umar Foundation has worked to improve the lives of widows and orphans. They have strived hard to provide essential services and financial support to ensure widows and orphans have a sustainable life during difficult times. Career1 contributes to the efforts of the Umar Foundation by providing valuable support through our job-seeking services for women. 

We believe that working women can transform their lives and those of others around them. Hence, we extend our job-seeking services to women in different parts of the world through the Umar Foundation.

For orphans, we ensure to provide educational services and financial support through the Umar Foundation to provide them with a better life. 

Know More About Social Efforts

At Career1, we recognize our corporate social responsibility and thus actively work with the Umar Foundation.

If you want to know more about our social efforts, make sure to contact us right away. 

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