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Whether you have a small, medium, or large business, the business functions are highly dynamic. There is a constant need for the introduction of new technology, improvement of underperforming functions, integration after post-merger deals, and more. 

These complex business functions require you to have the right team with the required skills and expertise. And that’s where we come into play. 

As a successful consulting and staffing firm, we provide customized managed solutions to our clients to ensure they have access to the right pool of talent. Each candidate is hand-picked and matched to your requirements effectively. 

Whether it is a major initiative or an internal process, our managed solutions will help you bring the right team on board. 

How Can We Help?


For critical business functions, our managed solutions will identify, anticipate and provide solutions to bring the required transformation. We can either help you find the right team or manage the whole project for you. 

While working with us, you get access to acute subject matter expertise, the introduction of new technology, the use of proven management methodologies such as agile framework, and handling complex programs to provide the desired outcome. 

Seamless Business Operation

Fix a function, system, or process with our managed solutions. Our expert assistance in managing several day-to-day tasks will help your team to focus on critical and strategic tasks. 

While working with us, you can get cost-effective and flexible managed solutions ensuring efficient scaling up or down. You can reduce the risk of system failure as our team will take responsibility for performance, service levels, and productivity. And lastly, our team will constantly improve the process.

Build the Right Team

Career1 has up to 300 staffing locations worldwide. This gives you access to the finest pool of talent with the right hard and soft skills required for complex tasks and processes at your organization.

With our managed solutions and talent pool, you can get candidates with a specific skill set not available in your internal team. Since we have pre-screened, skill tested, and pre-interviewed the candidates, you can save a lot of time while upskilling your team. You also get the flexibility of scaling up or down with our just-in-time staffing model, along with global and local resources.

Our Area of Expertise


Accounting and Finance

Our team holds special expertise in financial planning, analysis, cash management, ERP solutions, financial restatements, payroll improvement, purchasing, and more.



Our team brings innovative ideas and skills in technology strategy, services, cloud solutions, software services, security and privacy, enterprise data and analytics, enterprise applications solutions, and more. 

Our additional area of expertise includes creative and digital marketing solutions, and legal and compliance. 


Industrial & Warehouse

For all of your industrial & warehouse staffing requirements in Mississauga, Brampton & across Canada, think of Career1 as your go-to choice for an employment agency. We provide a complete range of recruiting services as the top employment agency, from industrial and warehouse staffing. We locate qualified and trustworthy industrial workers on your account so you can concentrate on the more crucial tasks at hand.

Protiviti: A Subsidiary of Career1

Our managed solutions rely on the expertise and skills of Protiviti, a global business consulting firm. With more than 4,500 professionals with in-depth expertise and insights, we can bring customized and tailored enterprise solutions to our clients. 

Contact our career1 team now to know more. 

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