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If you are searching for a trusted staffing agency in London, look no further than Career1. Career1 can be the right partner for you when it comes to connecting employers and job seekers in London. Our team of hard-working members has been working in various industries and can assist you according to your specific preferences and requirements. They provide top-notch recruitment and staffing services in London.

Corporate Office:

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

1454 Dundas St E Suite 102, Mississauga, ON L4X 1L4

+1 905-897-9675

Our Specialties

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We provide our services in a wide range of industries. But our core expertise lies in some of the following roles:

For Job Seekers

If you feel demotivated when looking for the right job in London, you can contact Career1 to make the entire journey convenient and hassle-free for you. We understand that having the perfect resume is just one part of the puzzle. You need to have the right connections and guidance to land your dream job.

Our team of recruiters understands that job seekers are also looking for job security and competitive wages. So, we always take a personalized approach when it comes to job search. Whether you are looking for a temporary position to get started with your career or are planning on securing a permanent one, the team at Career1 will surely support you.

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For Employers

If you find it difficult to search for qualified candidates in London, our team at Career1 can perfectly help you. Our team has curated the diverse talent pool that can help your organization find the perfect match when it comes to candidates. We understand you are looking for a candidate who will perfectly integrate with your organization. So, to help you save your time and resources, we take care of the pre- screening and also conduct initial interviews.

We are passionate about presenting you with candidates who do not just meet your job requirements but can also contribute in every way possible to your organization. Contact the team of Career1 today, to begin with the hiring process.


Choose Career1

If you are looking for a staffing agency with the right experience in staffing and recruitment, Career1 can be the right option. We have in-depth knowledge of the job market in London and can help you save time on the entire process. We can also provide you with a tailored solution based on your goals and requirements. 

Reach out to the team at Career1 today.

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Get in Touch

If you want the services of a staffing agency, make sure to connect with our Career1 team in London right away.

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