Forklift Operator & Counterbalance Jobs in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga & Other Areas of Canada

Forklift Operator &

If you are searching for a Forklift and Counterbalance Operator job, you must have the skills required for lifting, moving, and transporting heavy materials with the help of industrial vehicles. You will get various responsibilities, such as loading and unloading trucks, organizing warehouses, and moving materials in industrial settings. You should have proper training so that the work can be completed safely and there is proper handling. Following safety guidelines is important to prevent any kind of accident.

At Career1, we help you find forklift and counterbalance operator jobs in Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, and several other areas of Canada. Our quality services can help you find a perfect position for yourself, whether you want a full-time, part-time, or temporary one. We will ensure to work with you to determine your experience and qualifications, and then we’ll find the perfect position for you.

Choose Temporary Work:

Getting Experience

When you start with a temporary forklift and counterbalance operator job, you will get exposure to the industry, and this will help you build your career further with the expertise you gain from this job.


If you require urgent money, you can begin with a temporary forklift and counterbalance operator job, as it is slightly easier to find a temporary job rather than a permanent one. This will help you start earning quickly.

Kickstarting Your Career

If you are new in the forklift and counterbalance industry, you can start with a temporary role, as this will help you enter the industry and explore more. After that, it will become seamless for you to find that permanent forklift and counterbalance operator job.

Forklift Operator Jobs

Are you not working for a long time?

If you have been out of the industry for a long time and are struggling to find a forklift and counterbalance operator job, the team of recruiters at Career1 can assist you with working on your skills and can help you find a suitable position where you will be able to thrive.

Confused about the pay?

If you are wondering how you will be paid when you work in a temporary position, Career1 will manage the payroll and will pay you. But if you get hired as a permanent employee, the company will pay you.

Forklift Operators

Looking for forklift and counterbalance operator jobs?

Find your dream role as a forklift and counterbalance operator with the experts of Career1 by your side. We will ensure that you find a position that matches your future goals.

Get in touch with us for more details!

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