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Finding the right talent for your organization is of the utmost importance. The right candidate for a job role can help your business grow and increase your total revenue. 

However, finding the right talent from a pool of mediocre candidates can be tiresome and time-consuming. You might even think of vertical hiring in your organization. Although it can work sometimes, vertical hiring might not always be the right option. 

Hence, at Career1, we help your recruiting team staff new, fresh, yet highly experienced talent for permanent positions.

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Permanent Placement Hiring Options

Remote Talent

Do you want to hire remote talent for your organization? We at Career1 have got you covered! We have an extensive database of qualified candidates willing to take up high-end positions and work remotely, helping you prevent infrastructure costs. 

Our team offers white-glove services, which include a seamless setup of remote workstations for the candidate. Moreover, our talent pool is not restricted by geography. Whether you want someone locally or to extend your reach to global talent, Career1 has got you covered. 

Let’s get you the right talent ASAP!

Specialized Local Recruiters

We believe in offering tailored hiring services to our clients to bring the best results. Hence, our team of specialized local recruiters will work closely with you to find the best talent for your team. 

We actively promote your company and different roles. We also give you access to candidates who aren’t actively looking for a job but would be ready to switch, given the right offer. Our efforts will help you reduce overall hiring time. 

Executive Search

For permanent placement in executive roles, we have a talent pool of handpicked candidates with relevant experience, knowledge, and skills. 

Once you have selected the candidates, you can interview them consecutively while saving time and money. Our verification team thoroughly vets each candidate for an executive role to ensure you get fair and secure recruitment. 

Get custom-matched candidates with professional executive search services from us at

Industrial Sectors We Serve

Although we can help find the right talent for permanent placement in different industrial sectors, our major expertise lies in the following:

Administrative and Customer Support

We know the importance of providing friendly yet informative customer support. Hence, we can find you candidates for roles such as administrative assistants, receptionists, customer service representatives, office clerks, and more.

Finance and Accounting

In this industrial sector, your organization will need trustworthy candidates who know their way through numbers. And we have got it all for you! We can help you hire candidates for positions such as payroll administrators, accounting and accounts payable clerks, controllers, senior accountants, and more.


Candidates experienced in the right technological tools are made available to your organization for hiring. We can help you find candidates for positions like applications architects, desktop support, network administrators, help desk analysts, and more.


We work closely with several legal firms to find them certified legal candidates for positions like lawyers, paralegals, legal secretaries, law clerks, office and file clerks, and more.

Marketing and Creative

Career1 team is fully aware of the scarcity of candidates in marketing and creative. However, we have curated a pool of candidates for positions like marketing managers, web and graphic designers, copywriters, and more.

Industrial & Warehouse

For all of your industrial & warehouse staffing requirements in Mississauga, Brampton & across Canada, think of Career1 as your go-to choice for an employment agency. We provide a complete range of recruiting services as the top employment agency, from industrial and warehouse staffing. We locate qualified and trustworthy industrial workers on your account so you can concentrate on the more crucial tasks at hand.

Why Choose Us?

We offer a deep network of talent.

We not only bring to you candidates actively searching for jobs but also bring to you candidates who aren’t actively looking for a job change but will move given the right offer.

We offer same-day interviews.

This helps you save a lot of hiring time. 

We also help you reduce hiring costs.

We guarantee the placement we make. Hence, we take a small portion of the candidate’s salary which is way lower than overall hiring costs. 

Get in touch with our recruitment team and hire the right candidate for your organization.

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