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Finding the right forklift operator can be a massive task if you do not have enough time to screen or interview candidates efficiently. Today, it has become more difficult than ever to search for the right candidates for your company who can understand the responsibilities and do justice to the role they have been offered. Moreover, having the right skills is also essential when it comes to jobs that require specialized skills, such as that of a forklift operator. Therefore, being one of the top staffing agencies, we help companies by doing recruitment for them to hire skilled forklift drivers, thereby providing employment to job seekers as well as staffing solutions to companies.

We, at Career1, can assist you with this since we have a huge talent pool and can understand your candidate requirements efficiently. Because of our extensive experience and expertise in always picking suitable candidates, we can assist you in choosing a suitable candidate for the position of forklift operator

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Why work with Career1 to find a Forklift Operator?

  • Education Qualifications: We always have an eye for a suitable candidate with all the required educational qualifications for the role of a forklift operator. Moreover, we will only suggest candidates that have
    a valid forklifting certificate.
  • Technical Knowledge: When it comes to a job like a forklift operator, proficiency in operating technical machinery is a must. So, we always search for candidates who have the technical knowledge needed for the position.
  • Physical Condition: For a forklift operator’s job efficiently, the candidate must always have a great physical condition. Without proper physical fitness, one may not be able to handle all responsibilities properly. So, our team also keeps this in mind while screening candidates.
  • Communication: To work properly as a forklift operator, one needs to communicate with the team and collaborate in the best way possible. So, communication skills are also on our list when searching for a forklift operator.

Different ways of hiring we offer:

Temporary Hire or Contract to hire:

If you are looking for a candidate on a short-term basis that can serve you for a short period, we can assist you with finding contract-to-hire staff. This can also be a great way of finding the right candidate for a long-term position since you will get enough time to assess the candidate’s skills. You can also see how they fit into the overall work environment that you have at your workplace.

This would help you reduce the hiring costs too. If you need employees for only a particular project, you can get assistance from us to find the best fit according to the job type.

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Permanent Hire:

If you need to fill a permanent position in your organization, we at Career1 can guide you with it too. We understand that your needs will be specific when trying to fill a permanent position, and catering to them in the best manner is always our goal. We at Career1 will invest time in understanding your company’s culture and other candidates’ requirements, such as job experience, skills, and much more.

Our highly professional team of recruiters can help by identifying which candidate will be perfect for your organization based on your requirements. Apart from this, we can also help with executive search, on-site recruitment, and much more.

So, what’s your specialty? We’ve got a staffing solution for it.

You may be surprised by what we can do!


Access to Passive Candidates

We have access to a talent pool that are not actively looking to make a career change, but are open to moving for the right fit and engaged with our agency.


Market Intelligence Experts

We can assist you in salary bench-marking and show you where there are skill-shortages or surplus candidates and how this can impact your recruitment efforts.


Cost Reduction of Recruitment, On-boarding and Training

We give you back valuable time. Did you know the average cost of hiring talent is $5,600.00 per hire? That’s consumed up by sourcing, screening, and interviewing.

Our Approach

We’ve continually refined our approach to helping both job seekers and employers throughout our 15+ years of providing quality services. Now, our approach is time-tested and reliable.

What is a Staffing Agency?

Our business is entirely focused on placing quality candidates with employers needing labor. Want to learn more?

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