Recruitment for Hospitality Industry Jobs In Canada

Hospitality & Events

Welcoming the guests and providing them with the right housing amenities and a wonderful stay are the goals of the hospitality industry. Similarly, for event management companies, providing a fantastic experience at different events is critical.


To achieve these targets, hospitality and event organizations need employees who are resourceful and quick on their feet. And we at Career1 can help you find such talent in the shortest time possible.


As a top recruitment agency, we have access to a large network of candidates with the right qualifications and experience. We can help you find the right candidate who fits your organization and the job requirements effectively.

Work with Us: Here’s Why!

As our client, you will require as many recruitment benefits as you can get. And we at Career1 can offer you several benefits.

  • Finding the right talent is time-consuming. However, our expert recruitment staff works 24 hours, 7 days a week ensuring that an empty position is filled as quickly as possible.
  • Our staff is WHIMS and GMP-trained. This gives us an extra edge over other uncertified recruiters in the market.
  • During short notice or harsh weather conditions, we use Uber to reach on time for the recruitment process.
  • We will help you enhance productivity by taking over payroll services for temporary employees.
  • Apart from expert recruitment, we also provide several other dependable services in the Greater Toronto Area.

You can rely on us at Career1 for seamless and hassle-free recruitment along with other services.

Our Services

Career1 is motivated and dedicated to providing high-quality and experienced recruitment services in the region. We can fulfill recruitment for different types of job positions. Here’s what we offer!

Temporary Hires:

Tourist or event season means more work and the requirement of staff. And maintaining staff levels during the rush season is critical. You can get temporary hires or contract hires with the help of Career1.


Our database gives you immediate access to qualified and experienced candidates for filling temporary positions. We also cover different aspects of temporary hiring such as vacation pay, payroll services, health insurance, retirement benefits, and more. With temporary hiring, you have the flexibility to cancel the contract anytime at your convenience.

Permanent Hires:

Managerial positions in hospitality and events require permanent hiring. It also requires candidates who are experienced, professional, and certified to work in the said positions long-term.


At Career1, we provide recruitment services to hire permanent employees for your organization. Our candidate database is always open to access for you to find the right candidates. With permanent hiring, we perform initial screening, background verification, and onboarding. This helps you reduce time and spend lesser money, thus boosting your productivity. 

Executive Recruitment:

The hospitality and event industry is quite different from other industrial sectors. There is a high demand for providing personalized services to customers. Hence, there is a need for candidates who can come up with quick solutions to provide such services.


Our executive recruitment services will help you find such candidates for temporary and permanent positions. We will learn your unique requirements and create a job listing. We will also shuffle our candidate database to find such dedicated candidates. 

On-Site Recruitment:

Does your organization need to hire several candidates? Is finding good candidates for multiple positions becoming difficult? In such a case, you might need extra assistance.

And at Career1, we will be glad to be of help. Our team of experts will help you complete on-site recruitment in record time. We will also bring with us our candidate database to fill positions quickly.

Career1 is dedicated to making recruitment easy and seamless for you. Contact our team now to know more.

So, what’s your specialty? We’ve got a staffing solution for it.

You may be surprised by what we can do!


Access to Passive Candidates

We have access to a talent pool that are not actively looking to make a career change, but are open to moving for the right fit and engaged with our agency.


Market Intelligence Experts

We can assist you in salary bench-marking and show you where there are skill-shortages or surplus candidates and how this can impact your recruitment efforts.


Cost Reduction of Recruitment, On-boarding and Training

We give you back valuable time. Did you know the average cost of hiring talent is $5,600.00 per hire? That’s consumed up by sourcing, screening, and interviewing.

Our Approach

We’ve continually refined our approach to helping both job seekers and employers throughout our 15+ years of providing quality services. Now, our approach is time-tested and reliable.

What is a Staffing Agency?

Our business is entirely focused on placing quality candidates with employers needing labor. Want to learn more?

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