7 Tips to Create a Striking Forklift Operator Resume
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By June 10, 2022 Information, jobs

Are you looking for a forklift operator job in Canada?

If so, the first step to getting a job is to create a striking resume that shows all your qualifications, certifications, skills, and experience as a forklift operator. Your resume is your first impression to any hiring manager. Therefore, you must be highly careful and attentive while creating your forklift operator resume.

Remember, hiring managers get tons of resumes for any job role. And they won’t be looking at lengthy resumes due to time constraints. So, even if you have the right qualifications, your resume format may affect your hiring.

As a leading staffing agency Canada, we have seen potential candidates making resume mistakes and missing out on good job opportunities. Hence, our experts have curated the steps to build a striking and impressive forklift operator job resume.

  • Choose Your Resume Type

For a forklift operator resume, you can choose from two types of resume types.

1. Combination Resume: If you want to showcase your qualifications and knowledge as a forklift operator at the beginning of your resume, you can choose a combination resume. This type of resume amalgamates skills-based and traditional resume styles. If you have the expertise to operate more types of machines apart from forklift machines, you can showcase them in such a resume.

2. Reverse Chronological Resume: If you are applying for entry-level forklift jobs or have lesser experience, you must choose a reverse chronological resume. In this way, you can highlight your latest experience on the top. Moreover, if you have worked in different companies in different positions, you can highlight your latest position in the beginning to make an impression.

  • Provide Your Contact Information

The first thing on your resume must be your contact information. Mention your name clearly that should be easily visible. Give your phone and email address. If you don’t have an easily readable email address, it would be wise to create one to look professional.

  • Give a Summary Statement

The summary statement is a good way to demonstrate your experience and skills as a forklift operator. In the summary statement, you can summarize why you are the best for the role of a forklift operator. What are the skills you possess to work as a forklift operator?

The summary statement includes 4-5 sentences and is meant to give the hiring manager an overview of what you can offer. As executive recruiters Canada, we suggest you keep it highly concise and use phrases like dynamic, hardworking, determined, collaborative, and more.

  • Write Your Educational Background

Although to become a forklift operator you won’t need a college degree, you do need to complete an OSHA-compliant forklift operator certification course.

When you mention your educational background, you must mention your success in this forklift certification course. This will give you an extra edge over other candidates in the run. Hiring managers will be more interested in hiring you. Hence, if you haven’t completed the certification course, make sure you do so right now.

  • Provide Your Work Experience and Skills

If you have worked as a forklift operator previously, make sure to mention your work experience in detail. Provide your job position, the name of the company, and what responsibilities you fulfilled while being at the job.

Once you have described your work experience, make another section to mention all your hard and soft skills as a forklift operator. You must possess the following skills as a forklift operator: machinery knowledge, safety protocols, good hand-to-eye coordination, ability to balance heavy materials efficiently on the forklift, and physical fitness. You must also possess the characteristics of discipline, concentration, basic math skills, collaboration, teamwork, and more.

  • Mention Your Licenses

As per the regulations mentioned by the Ministry of Labour, you need to have a license to work as a forklift operator. You need to mention all the details about the license such as the license expiry, the authorizing institute, any provincial restrictions your license may have, and more.

  • Provide Additional Information

You can also provide some additional information at the end of your resume. Mention any of your hobbies or interests that relate to the forklift operator job role. You can also mention any professional memberships to emphasize your interest in becoming a forklift operator.

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Bottom Line

When you are applying for the job of forklift operator, you need to have the right qualifications, certifications, licenses, and skills. And you must highlight all of those in your concise and comprehensive resume.

If you need more assistance in building your forklift operator resume or finding the right job in the region, make sure to get in touch with us at Career1.

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