Canada Employers are Looking for These Top Five Qualities in You!
By May 26, 2022 jobs

Have you decided to get a college degree? If so, you might be thinking of taking up a course that will help you land a job in the future.

But having a college degree is not enough to land a job. Instead, you need to develop some skills that most employers look for when they interview potential candidates.

As an expert staffing agency Canada, we have strong connections with different employers in the region. This gives us access to determine what they are looking for. Over the years, we have learned that employers look for 5 qualities in any new candidate.

In this blog, we will tell you these five qualities and why they are important to land the job of your dreams.

Five Qualities Employers Look For

  • Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
  • Written and Oral communication skills
  • Work Ethics and Professionalism
  • Leadership

Why These Five Qualities are Important to Have?

  • Collaboration and Teamwork

Any company or organization will see success or growth only when they have unity in the workplace. This unity and synergy are achieved only when they have employees that have the quality of collaboration and teamwork.

Team Work

Apart from this, collaboration and teamwork promote new learning opportunities for each employee. Every employee is different, has different skills, and brings something new to the table. When you collaborate with other people on the team, you can problem-solve easily and bring some fantastic ideas to the company. This will grow the team, the company, and in turn you.

Also, 97.5% of employers find collaboration and teamwork to be effective qualities for growth. Hence, you must develop this quality during your college years.

  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

Analyzing data, asking questions, observing, determining the conclusion, testing hypotheses, and more are part of every job irrespective of your industry. Hence, critical thinking is important to perform these tasks.

And you can develop this skill over time during your college years. Critical thinking is important for problem-solving too. Without it, you won’t be able to come up with solutions to professional problems. Also, 99% of employers want candidates to have critical thinking and problem-solving quality. Hence, strive to develop it during your college years.

  • Written and Oral communication skills

Technology has made it easier to communicate with others. One phone call, one text, and you can talk to anybody from your family or friends.

However, when it comes to professional space, this ease can become a hurdle. It has reduced our capacity to have face-to-face conversations with people. And having direct conversations with team members in a professional space is crucial to collaborate, problem-solve and bring results.

About 95% of job recruiters Toronto want new candidates to have efficient written and oral communication skills. And during your college years, you can improve these skills.

For oral communication, you can interact with other students in your course and try to be a good listener. For written communication, you can start by journaling your thoughts and reading them back to determine whether it is organized or not.

  • Work Ethics and Professionalism

Employers want new candidates to show the qualities of a strong work ethic and professionalism. Employers consider this quality to be 100% essential for new candidates to start a role.

Work Ethics

Professionalism and work ethic don’t need to be difficult to cultivate. You can start by wearing office-appropriate clothing. You can practice punctuality and avoid procrastination. You can develop the quality of being proactive and taking up the initiative to complete new tasks. Work ethic and professionalism make an employee a better candidate for new opportunities, promotions, new projects, and more.

  • Leadership

Having leadership skills also puts you in the focus at your workplace. About 68% of employers want new candidates to have leadership skills. Hence, developing it during your college years is crucial.

You must identify your strengths and start working on developing your leadership skills. When employers find candidates who are enthusiastic about their work and responsibilities, it creates an upbeat environment. This prompts others to perform too. As a leader, being enthusiastic is important.

Bottom Line

While a college degree is crucial to get the right qualifications for the job, you must develop the five crucial qualities that every employer looks for.

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