Follow These 5 Useful Tips for Resume Screening
Resume Screening tips
By October 4, 2022 Staffing Tips

If you have been looking for suitable candidates and are still unable to find them, you can take help from a staffing agency Canada. However, if you wish to always choose the best candidates, you need to improve your resume screening process. To do this, you need to make sure that you improve your skills for choosing the right resume when you have so many of them with you. 

Organization Matters 

When looking at potential candidates’ resumes, you should not always look for one with an exceptional design or layout. Instead, you should go for something simple and classy. When you look at something with a very confusing layout or feel like the candidate has not put in enough effort, you may want to be careful. For always choosing the right candidates, you should look for resumes that have clear information and are well structured. It should provide all the necessary information efficiently without being too confusing.

Resume Screening

Avoid Common Words 

Most candidates would try putting in all the skills in their resume to get the hiring manager’s attention. However, the skills that they have mentioned should also be in line with the past jobs that they have done. This would give you the confidence that the skills are mentioned correctly, and the employee would surely have them. Hiring someone who has mentioned way too many skills would also not be right. This would make the candidate lose credibility.

Attract the Right Candidates 

A lot of times, some candidates may apply to every job just to get one. But your requirements for the job may be specific, and you may want someone with relevant experience and knowledge of the industry. So, when you are posting about the job, you should specifically mention your skills and expectations to ensure the best outcome. You can also rely on a staffing agency Brampton for this. At Career1, we understand how to do it using the right tools and techniques.

Search for Accomplishments 

Resume Screening tips

You can trust the candidate when a resume states clear accomplishments with numbers. This means that they have achieved what they state and also have numbers to prove it. Such candidates should always be preferred and should be given first preference over those who do not mention such clear accomplishments. You can rely on such candidates to get the desired results after hiring them for the role. But you must make sure to only hire the candidates that have relevant accomplishments in their resumes that can benefit your organization in the long run.

Request Cover Letters 

A cover letter should ideally provide you with additional information about the candidate in addition to what you already know. It should mention their interests and other credentials that may be essential or relevant for the job that they are applying for. Candidates should provide a cover letter with their resume. However, you can also ask them to provide it to you if you wish necessarily. The candidate should offer a well-customized cover letter that shares all the information about their personality, their goals, and also what value they can add by becoming a part of your organization. This would help you understand what the employee is like, apart from the experience and skills they have gained over the years.

So, when you are searching for the right candidate, you can get in touch with a staffing agency Mississauga like Career1. We will always make sure to provide you with the best candidates based on your job requirements and organization or industry type. We have been helping organizations get the right candidates for a long time.

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