How To Choose A Suitable Light Industrial Staffing Agency In Canada
light-industrial staffing agency
By April 11, 2023 Staffing Tips

Are you looking for a light-industrial staffing agency Canada? Are you confused about which agency would help find workers with the right skills and experience required for light-industrial sectors? It would help if you worked with an agency that can provide services like screening and placement of temporary or permanent workers. To help you, we have listed down a few things to consider when you are looking for a light-industrial staffing agency in Canada.

Industry experience

The first thing that you should consider is whether the staffing agency Brampton has experience in the light-industrial sector or not. They should have experience providing staff to businesses that may be similar to what you do. Because of having extensive experience in this field, it will become much easier for them to understand what your business needs and provide you with the best candidates.

staffing agency Canada


Another important factor to consider is the reputation of the staffing agency. For this, you can go through the reviews and testimonials by their previous clients. You can check out their website and other profiles to see how well they have helped people in the past and what the world has to say about them. A reputable agency will always have positive feedback from its previous clients. 

Staffing options

When it comes to staffing, no single option can fit all businesses. So, it is crucial to only rely on an agency that can provide the best staffing options according to the requirements of your business. Various agencies can provide both temporary workers and permanent ones. Some can also provide contract-to-hire options. So, if you have various staffing needs, you must make sure to choose an agency that can provide a variety of staffing options. 

Screening process

A trusted staffing agency would always make sure to have a rigorous screening process. This would help them provide you with the most premium quality candidates at all times. They should conduct various background checks and verify the history and references provided by the candidate. They should make sure to assess their skills and experience to only provide you with the best of the best options. The candidates they provide should be highly qualified and suitable for the role.

Availability of workers

You should make sure to work with a staffing agency that has a large pool of available workers. It should be easy for them to provide you with suitable candidates. They should be able to work according to your timeline and should offer you the best candidates. Matching your requirements should be their goal throughout this process. 

Customer service

staffing agency Canada

The light-industrial staffing agency you rely on should always offer exceptional customer service. They should be highly responsive to your preferences. They should also make sure to provide you with timely and accurate information. Whenever you have any questions about the process or the candidates, they should make sure to answer them in the best way possible. Keeping you updated throughout the recruitment process should be their priority. 


The cost of recruitment can vary depending on the services and staffing requirements of the business. So, check out their pricing structure before you start working with them. The staffing agency you work with should provide competitive pricing and be highly transparent about it. 

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