The Best Perks To Include In The Candidate Offer
By September 6, 2022 Staffing Tips

Congratulations on finding the employee that you were looking for! But if you find it difficult, you can take help from a staffing agency Mississauga. It is quite a difficult task, and if you have succeeded in doing it, then kudos. There are several rounds of interviews after which you finalize a candidate. However, there can be scenarios where the candidate’s salary expectations may be way higher than what you can provide. In such a situation, you may not have any room for increasing the salary. 

What do you do in this situation? Do you go for the second-best candidate? Well, you have an option of adding some value adds that would increase the value you provide to the candidate. Such things can motivate the candidate and can make them accept the offer.

Increase the Vacation Time 

A lot of people believe that work-life balance is extremely important. So, if your candidate is one of those people, you can try increasing the days they can take off when they feel like it. This way, the candidate would feel that they will have more control over their life and would be easily able to do all these important things in their life without facing any consequences at the workplace. So, such a thing can add a lot of value to your offer.

6-Month Salary Review

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If you cannot match your candidate’s salary expectations, you can try asking them to join your organization because you will do a 6-month salary review. During such a review, you can see whether the employee has performed efficiently or not. This would also motivate the candidate to perform well in their job. Moreover, you will also get the time to arrange the budget you need to match the salary expectations of your new employee. So, it would be a win-win situation for you. If you need help finding candidates, get in touch with the staffing agency Brampton.

Health Benefits

If you cannot afford to meet the salary expectations of your candidate, you can provide them health benefits. For instance, if you offer them a fully funded comprehensive benefits program, the job seeker may join the organization. It is because today, all job seekers understand the importance of health benefits and would truly value your offer if you add health benefits to it.

Gym Membership

In today’s time, everyone is health conscious. So, if you provide your employees with something that helps them take care of themselves, they may feel intrigued to take your offer. For this, you can give them an incentive for a gym membership. Most candidates would love this and would join your organization immediately. This would provide them with overall health benefits such as physical health benefits, mental health benefits, etc.

Vehicle and Phone Allowance

Apart from the salary, a lot of candidates also look for other allowances. Such allowances can help them pay their major bills and save their salary for other purposes. So, if you provide such allowances, the candidate may accept your offer. You can provide vehicle allowance, phone allowance, and much more. When you provide the candidate assistance with such allowances, they will surely find the offer more appealing.

Flexible Working Options 

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After the pandemic, the world has turned digital today, and most candidates are looking for flexible working options. So, if you provide that in your organization, hiring the candidate you want would be much easier, even without offering a very high salary. For instance, you can provide work-from-home facilities, hybrid work facilities, or flexible timings.

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