4 Steps to Apply for Industrial Mechanic Jobs in Canada
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By July 5, 2022 jobs

Now that the effects of the pandemic have reduced, the industries are in full swing to manufacture new products and provide services. It has exponentially increased the need for industrial mechanics in the different industrial sectors and manufacturing facilities.

As leading executive recruiters Canada, we have seen a sudden increase in demand for industrial mechanics across Canada. Hence, if you are looking for a job that offers you tremendous growth opportunities and good pay, you can apply to be an industrial mechanic. 

But before you apply for the job, make sure you have the right qualifications for this job. Since industrial mechanics are responsible for installing, assembling, dismantling, and transporting all forms and sizes of machinery, they need the required qualifications and adequate experience. 

If you are just starting to find a job, you might be interested in knowing the 4 steps to becoming an industrial mechanic in Canada. 

Industrial Mechanic Job

Step1: Get Your High School Diploma (GED)

If you haven’t finished your high school education, start from there. Make sure to get your high school diploma (GED). You must be 18 years of age and above. Having a high school diploma is crucial to demonstrate your ability to learn for the role. It is also crucial to apply for apprenticeship in the desired industrial sector, such as energy, construction, aviation, and more. 

Step2: Complete an Apprenticeship Program

To find industrial mechanic Mississauga jobs full time, you must apply for an apprenticeship program and complete it successfully. You can find high-quality apprenticeship programs at a trade school. During your apprenticeship, you will learn all the basics of the complex parts of being an industrial mechanic. For example, you will learn machine lubrication, installations, maintenance, dismantling, and more. These apprenticeship programs are for three to four years of study. 

Apart from trade schools, you can also find specific government programs offering industrial mechanic apprenticeship programs. 

Step3: Build Your Resume

Once you have finished your apprenticeship program, it is time to start looking for jobs. However, to apply for jobs, the primary requirement is to have a concise yet informative resume that attracts the attention of prospective employers. Hence, you must carefully build your resume highlighting your education and accomplishments. 

You must also highlight all the required technical skills for the job. Mention the expertise level for the said technical skill along with how it can benefit the employer. And lastly, don’t forget to mention your GPA and the courses you have studied to become an industrial mechanic. 

Industrial Mechanic Jobs

Step4: Apply for the Job

Once you have created your resume, it is time to find an industrial mechanic job in the local region or across the country. Usually, trade schools will offer job placement opportunities after your graduation. However, it will be wise to start looking for a job online. 

If you want more assistance in matching the right job, you can also contact us at Career1. As professional job recruiters Toronto, we have an extensive network of employers in different industrial sectors. We can assist you in matching with the right industrial mechanic job or more.  Visit our website to know more.

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