6 Material Handler Job Responsibilities You Must Know Before Applying
material handler jobs
By July 11, 2022 jobs

With the pace of the pandemic slowing down and things returning to normal, several factories have begun regular operations. And as a staffing agency Canada, we would suggest this is the right time to find a more lucrative job

Why? Because all the factories will need qualified personnel who can handle different responsibilities to keep the operations running smoothly for high output and increased revenue (to cover pandemic losses). Now, one of the most important roles in any factory is material handlers. 

Who is a Material Handler? 

A material handler is a qualified professional who is responsible to handle different types of materials at the factory starting from raw materials to finished products. Their main responsibilities include transporting materials from one location at the factory to another and ensuring efficient dispatch and delivery. 

Material handlers are also responsible to supervise other staff members. They assign other staff members the daily work responsibilities and overlook the completion of the same. 

So, a material handler is crucial to ensure the smooth running of major factory processes. 

Material Handler Job Responsibilities

Now when you start looking for material handler jobs with any executive recruiters Canada, it is better to understand the responsibilities of the job efficiently. This can help you in honing your skills specific to the job role. 

So, what are the responsibilities of a material handler? 

Opening Containers and Boxes

Material handlers are responsible to receive containers and boxes along with opening them to check for any damages. They will also open containers and boxes to check if they have received the right material. They are also responsible to check supplier or vendor invoices. 

Loading and Unloading Trucks

When material handlers get trucks to load or unload products, they must oversee the complete process. This also includes packing and opening items based on whether the truck is loaded or unloaded. When loading the truck, they must ensure efficient stacking of the packages to avoid any damage while transportation.

Forklift Truck Operation

Material handlers are also proficient in using forklift trucks. They usually have the knowledge to operate different types of forklift trucks. Employers commission them during forklift operations to ensure the safety of everything and everyone on the floor. Employers also promote material handlers to use the latest software that makes their work easier and trackable.

Moving Materials to Different Factory Locations

Material handlers are responsible to oversee the safe transportation of materials from one location in the factory to another. This includes inventory maintenance, product arrangement and stacking on the floor, taking materials from one floor to another, and ensuring that the factory area frees from damage and debris. Supervising others on the team is also a crucial part of material handler responsibilities. 

Getting Supplier or Vendor Delivery of Items

Once a truck has arrived at the dock, a material handler’s job starts. They need to check the paperwork to ensure that they are getting the right items delivered from the supplier. They will also perform a quality check on the items along with invoice checks. Material handlers will check for any damage before forwarding the items to the next step. 

Check for Damage during Product Transition

Material handlers will always check for damage when items are in transition. Whether the items are entering the factory or leaving the factory to be shipped, they will keep an eye out for any damage. This not only includes damage to the item but also checking any damage to the carton boxes, stacking materials, product labels, and more.

Material handling jobs

Bottom Line

Material handler is an exciting job role that offers you a wide range of tasks to do every day. If you have the qualification and skills to become a material handler, get in touch with us at Career1. 

We are a prominent staffing agency Brampton that can connect you with the right company for material handler job roles. And not just a material handler, but you can find the preferred job role in Canada using our network of industrial recruiters.  Contact us now to know more.

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