6 Things You Should Avoid Mentioning on Your Canadian Resume
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Are you applying for Mississauga jobs full time

If so, you must prepare a resume fit for Canadian jobs and employers. Canadian resumes have tons of information about the candidate. Although a brief document, a Canadian resume will provide a detailed account of the candidate’s accomplishments. 

However, there are a few things that you should avoid including in your Canadian resume. 


Canada is a multicultural country and welcomes people from different origins and backgrounds. However, you don’t want to miss job opportunities due to prejudice or bias. Hence, don’t mention your origins on the resume. 

Avoid mentioning your ethnicity (race, culture, nationality), Languages (any other language apart from English or French), and citizenship status (origin country, years you have lived in Canada, current citizenship). 

However, if the employer is a global organization having job opportunities for an international role, mentioning your multi-cultural background might benefit you. 

Physical Features

If you are applying for jobs in the fashion, television, or entertainment industries, you might want to mention your physical features. 

However, for other commercial jobs such as sales professional, forklift operator, or other, you don’t need to mention your physical features in your resume. 

Avoid mentioning weight and height, skin colour, health condition (unless you need some special facilities), age, and pregnancy status. 

This is one of the reasons why Canadian resumes don’t have photographs of candidates. 

Personal beliefs

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Ask any job recruiters Toronto, and they will ask you to keep your personal beliefs out of your resume. 

You will most certainly apply for commercial jobs. And hence, mentioning your personal beliefs, such as your preferred faith or political opinion is not ideal on a Canadian resume. 

Sexuality and Marital Status

There have been instances where employers have rejected qualified candidates due to their sexuality or marital status. To avoid this bias and prejudice, it is advised not to mention anything that might giveaway your marital status or sexuality. 

Avoid mentioning whether you are married or not, or plan to be, or divorced. Don’t disclose whether you have children or not. Moreover, don’t mention whether you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. 

Social Media Information

Now, while your personal information such as your name, contact info, and email address finds its place on the resume, your social media information doesn’t. 

Avoid mentioning your social media accounts such as Facebook or LinkedIn. Mention them only when the information on these accounts resonates with your professional requirements and wouldn’t hurt your recruitment chances. 

Problem Areas

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Don’t mention anything that might highlight your problem areas. For example, avoid mentioning any troubles from the past job such as disliking an old boss, getting fired, or performance issues. 

Avoid mentioning your criminal record if you have received a criminal pardon. However, for jobs like teacher, and social worker, it might be okay to provide criminal record information. 

Also, try to avoid mentioning gaps in your employment. And if you do, make sure to have a valid explanation such as time off to travel or take care of a family member. 

Bottom Line

Canada offers several job opportunities in different fields to national and international candidates. However, to reduce the chances of prejudice or bias towards recruitment, it is best to avoid mentioning certain pieces of information in your resume. 

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