How To Answer: What Would You Like To Improve About Yourself?
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By July 21, 2022 Information, Skill

We all know how to answer those typical interview questions that most interviewers ask during the interview. You can easily prepare for these questions in advance and highlight your strengths and skills in these answers. But most job recruiters Toronto would not settle for such standard questions; they will ask questions that would give a hard time to even the most qualified candidates.

One such question that is asked of a lot of people is, “what would you like to improve about yourself?” While answering the question, most candidates find it difficult to point out their mistakes or shortcomings. It is completely normal since you would not want your recruiter to think you are unsuitable for the role. However, there is a way of answering the questions so that the answer seems balanced and correct at the same time. To answer the question efficiently, follow these approaches.

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Showcase Your Adaptability 

Today, most industries are experiencing a change because of various developments. These changes are of all types, cultural, technological, and much more. To answer this question efficiently, you should take time to research what the company is up to in the next few days. It will help you frame your answer in such a way that the company would find you an extremely useful resource. It would help if you highlighted how you would like to improve your expertise in the area that the company is trying to venture into. Such an answer would project you as a suitable candidate who is keen on learning new things and can also handle all changes efficiently.

Show that You Are Enjoying the Process of Maturation

Most executive recruiters Canada understand that employees tend to change over time as they grow in their careers. So, you can discuss how you have understood the importance of work-life balance. You can also tell how you would like to improve it in the future so that you get enough time for everything. It would help if you also talked about how you enjoy guiding junior co-workers because it helps improve you as an employee. You can also perfect a lot of your skills when you are in the process of guiding a co-worker.

Avoiding Talking About the Essential Skills for the Role That You Lack

You should be honest while answering the questions to the recruiter but should also know the art of turning the direction of the question towards something that would add value to the interview. For instance, if you want to improve any essential skills required for the role, you should not highlight them while answering the question. It would present you as an incompetent candidate. You can focus on a skill that is not-so essential by explaining how you want to improve the said scale even though you have all the essential skills needed for the role. This way, your interviewer would understand how you have most of the essential skills but are also keen on learning those less essential ones you lack.

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Appear to Be Open to Constructive Criticism

You may have had a previous manager who would have highlighted how you can improve your job performance. When you are talking to your recruiter, you can highlight how you found the criticism helpful and decided to make changes so that you can improve in the areas you lack. Also, inform the recruiter that you are still in the process of improving yourself and are working on the same even now. But it would help if you also told them you have already made significant progress in that direction.

As a reliable staffing agency Canada, we at Career1 can tell you that answering this question correctly would present you as a self-aware candidate who is open to feedback. You should ensure to give a balanced answer that demonstrates how you are willing to learn more. So, to find jobs that match your skills and experience, get in touch with us or check out the website of Career1 today.

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