4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Considering a Job Offer
By August 12, 2022 jobs

Do you think that the job that you are currently doing does not match your career goals? Has this motivated you to resign from your position? If you are in the situation and are afraid of resigning, you can get in touch with the leading job agencies in Toronto before it. These job agencies can easily help you secure a job that matches your career goals.

Often, people experience a situation where they find a new job and provide their resignation letter to the present employer. After that, the present employer feels confused and wants them to stay. To convince the employee, the employer sometimes also counters with an offer that is even better than what the employee is getting in the new job. As a result, the employee feels it is better to stay back. If you are also in a similar situation, you should consider these things before accepting the job offer.

Were You Valued Enough Before The Resignation?

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If your present employer valued you so much, they should have given you this offer before your resignation. But when they saw that you were about to leave, they tried to convince you and gave you a job offer. You should also consider any previous instances where you may have asked for a raise or promotion, and they may have declined you. When you bring in your resignation letter, your employer considers all the work that you do for them. But if they have not valued you before, this counter offer may just be an attempt to avoid searching for a new employee. It is not their way of expressing that they value you. They may even be planning to replace you once they find someone better.

How Will The Scenario Change If You Stay? 

Once you bring in your resignation letter, your employer knows you are unhappy with the position. They may feel you are not a loyal employee and may not trust you anymore. As a result, if you take a day off, they may doubt you are going for an interview. The work dynamics will change once you bring in your resignation letter. They will feel like you have decided to stay only for the money but will move to a better opportunity whenever you find it.

How Will This Affect Your Relationship With Future Employers?

Job recruiters Toronto have a great network. So, leaving a position after being selected and recruited will majorly affect your reputation. You must have gone for an interview and met with the organization’s management, and all of you may have decided on the right salary according to your skills and needs. This requires a lot of resources. But if you back out last minute, the employer may feel bad because of the time and energy that they have invested in you. If you are considering working with this company in the future, you will not be treated with the same enthusiasm given that you have left them in a stressful situation before. So, it would help if you considered this before leaving the position last minute.

What Was Your Reason For Leaving?

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For most employees, money is not the only reason for resignation. You may have had other reasons that have led to this decision. It would be best to consider those reasons before considering the job offer. Do you like working with the organization? Consider your responsibilities, the company culture, and everything else. If you accept the job offer just for an increased salary, you may still be unhappy because of other reasons. You should either get concrete solutions for your problems or should resign and start your new job. Before making any decision, ensure your reputation is not affected, and your future doors are open. It would help if you were professional while communicating your decision to any employer.

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