Things That Might Turn Potential Employer Away
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By August 17, 2022 jobs

Have you been giving a lot of interviews lately? Are you always confused about why you are not hearing back from your potential employers? This is the case with many people because they think they have done amazing in interviews but still do not hear back from their employers. What can be causing this problem? 

This can be caused by not knowing how to find the right jobs for yourself. You can do so with the help of job recruiters Toronto, who help individuals meet employers that may be looking to hire them. The interview process is quite complex, and you need to be very careful throughout the process so that you do not make any mistakes. However, sometimes you may end up doing things unknowingly and may also drive your potential employees away by them. What are those things? Keep on reading to find out about them.

Sharing an old resume 

Let’s be honest, most of us continue doing a job for several years before we start searching for a new one. But now that you are looking for a new job, you would need to provide a resume. So, it would help if you refrained from sharing your old resume on your system. This is because today, hiring managers have a lot of options. To stand out, you need to be unique and have to offer what they are looking for. For doing this, you need to customize your resume according to the job requirements to help the executive recruiters Canada understand how you can benefit the company and why hiring you would be the right thing to do. So, sharing an old resume would not be enough and may also drive potential employers away. Moreover, a customized resume for each role you apply for can help.

Showing up late to an interview 

Showing up late to an interview

Once you are called in for an interview, you should stay prepared for the day and ensure there will be no delays in reaching the interview location. However, in rare cases when you get caught up in something unavoidable, you should make sure to call the interviewer and inform them that you will be late because of a valid reason. But if you have not done this in the past, this may have driven your potential employer away. It is because showing up late to an interview is just ruining your first impression. Moreover, if you do not have a valid reason for showing up late, you may never end up getting selected.

Answering questions without any emotion 

When the interviewer asks you questions, they do more than just listen to your answer. They pay attention to your body language and how much emotion you show while answering the question. So, if you are just sitting there with a straight face and are answering the questions that you have prepared answers for, you may not get selected. It is because the interviewer would like to understand your overall personality and would also appreciate it if you have some kind of enthusiasm while answering the questions. So, you should make sure to be enthusiastic and active while answering the questions.

Not following up after the interview 

following up after the interview

Now that you have completed the interview successfully and are looking forward to hearing from the interviewer, you should not just keep waiting. If you feel like you are not getting any response from the interviewer, you should make sure to contact them and ask them whether they are in the process of selecting you or are going for another candidate. This will help them notice how you are very attentive and serious about the position. If you have not done this in the past, this may have made the potential employee feel like you are not interested enough in the position. So, you should never skip this part.

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